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After the tour SommarSverige - also founded by SMG - the request for more from these three beloved performers have been strong. We have had several years of collaboration with both tours and music releases. SMG is releasing a song together with Tommy Nilsson, Patrik Isaksson and Uno Svenningsson for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.




SMG worked with Danny and released his first album, including the release of top listings records such as Tokyo and Only You. Dannys success since then is a fact, and he is also to be seen in song writing, TV-hosting and different collaboration with for example Malcom B, Tommy Körberg and Björn Ulvaeus.



SMG signed Vincent in 2007 and has since then released several number one listing songs such as Miss Blue and Don't Hate on Me. We have also helped him with the recordings in L.A. of his music video to Miss Blue.



SMG has worked together with Linda Bengtzing during her several times of participation in Eurovision Song Contest, produced music videos and records such as Hur Svårt Kan det Va, E De Fel på Mig and Värsta Schlagern. She will also participate in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.




Stenhammar signed Brolle Jr, released his first two albums containing hit listings such as Playing With Fire, Heartbreak City and Watching The Stars. We also arranged publishing and promotion for these releases.



Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson & Danny Saucedo together form the trio E.M.D, and Stenhammar Music Group worked with their first released album A State of Mind and also several of their number one listed hits such as Jennie Let Me Love You and All for Love. SMG is also behind the music video to Youngblood.



World famous hiphop/rap artist T-Pain has hits such as Turn All the Lights On and Up Down, plus several collaborations with renown names as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Flo Rida and Chris Brown.


In 2011 SMG arranged T-Pains appearance at the All Star Festival.




World renown singer, performer and TV-host Måns Zelmerlöws career has in the last few years skyrocketed. Together with SMG he has released the album Christmas with Friends in collaboration with other famous singers such as Björn Skifs, Pauline and Pernilla Andersson.



We signed Drömhus and produced her first two albums that have become Swedish music history. Her most renown hit singles are for example Vill Ha Dig och Du och Jag.



Lazee became a BRIS (Children's Rights in Society) Ambassador when the organization had a campaign for switching their telephone number. Together with the rock group Apollo Drive, SMG and Lazee released the single Calling Out as a promotional song for the BRIS campaign. Through radio and other media this became a success for the organization.

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